About us

HR Profiler consists of a team of psychologists and assistants dealing with assessment and profiling of entering and regulary employed company staff (potential and permanent). The team consists of educated professionals who, by implementing standardized measuring instruments i.e. psychological tests and interviews, compose profiles and personality assessments. Profiling and assessment relate to  individual’s both cognitive (intellectual) capacities and major personality dimensions. Insight into  personality structure is obtained by analysis of human resources i.e. profiles of employees, allowing  organization of teams, finding of leaders, identification of critical individuals, educational or psychological intervention…

Optimal personality profiles in collectives or teams enable more efficiant work, facilitate management and contribute to better business results. In its core activity, HR Profiler is oriented towards psycological structure of teams and individuals, and as such, represents a contribution to the existing HR of the company. In collaboration with the HR Profiler, HR managers can enhance their knowledge and carry out their work in a reliable, contemporary and professional manner.

What we do

  1. 1
    HR Consulting

    Large number of companies frequently approach the process of reorganization and restructuring. The main initiator of these organizational changes is perception that the existing organizational structure does not correspond to the needs of business.

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    Personal Consulting

    HR Profiler offes the service of personal profiling for individuals who want to comprehend their capacities, potentials and obstacles for individual sucess in real terms.

Our mission

Our mission is to be recognized and acknowledged as a unique HR agency for corporate and personal profiling of people in the region of Southeast Europe.