Personal consulting

For individuals who want to consider their capacities, potentials and obstacles for individual success realistically, HR Profiler offers the service of personal profiling.

Personal profiling and psychological analysis of individual capacities (intelligence and personality profile) is an assessment aspect that gives an insight into the unused and/or overstated attributes and areas for development of the person being assessed.

Each assessment is followed by an individual report, interview with a professional (psychologist) and recommendations for further work on yourself and personal development.

Personal assessment is a service for the needs of corporate clients/organizations that recognize the need and want to work on their individuals’ development (whether it is a talent in need of guidance through coaching or critical personnel requiring intervention in the form of therapeutic work or workshops for overcoming of undesirable behavior).

  1. 1
    Personality Assessment – creating of psychological profile

    HR Profiler deals with individual personality assessment through application of personality tests and professional interview. Personality assessment is carried out at any stage in life and may reveal   burning sports in the functioning of personality, which an individual may not be aware of. Different personality dimensions are assessed, their intensity and impact on the individual’s life. The result of the assessment are measures and affirmative advice’s that need to be implemented by an  individual in order to improve their quality of life.

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    Assessment of intellectual capabilities (IQ)

    HR Proflier deals with assessment of intellectual i.e. cognitive capabilities (determination of the coefficient of intelligence – IQ). An individual gets an insight into its cognitive capacities, development opportunities, as well as professional fields where its effect will be maximized.

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    Personal counseling and couching

    HR Profiler conducts affirmative approach to an individual through counseling aimed at solving problems quickly. By placing individual’s problem in the right framework, it will enabled him to try to solve his emotional, social or professional problem realistically and impartially. The emphasis is placed on promotion and progress. Perspectives for problem-solving and personal development directions are being open.

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    Psychotherapeutic work

    HR Profiler deals with psycho-therapeutic work. Professional psychotherapists and psychologists conduct various psycho-therapeutic techniques – depending on the individual’s problem. HR Profiler has a network of psychotherapist associates specializing in-various psychological problems.