HR Consulting

Large number of companies freuently enter into the process of reorganization and restructuring. The main driver of these organizational changes is the perception that the existing organizational structure does not correspond to business needs.

There are numerous inducements and symptoms of disfunctional structure, and the first ones among them are associated with personnel choices, namely the manner of selection, development and positioning of staff.

For effective restructuring it is necessary to perform fundamental corporate profiling, which includes an objective assessment of personality and the capacity of each individual employee, followed by  positioning in accordance with the person’s potential and the needs of an employer.

Through systematic and comprehensive approach to the assessment of staff, HR Profiler provides you with qualitative parameters for staff changes, ensuring optimal staff solutions, maximizing staff potentials and thus improved efficiency for the best results.

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    Selection of staff - professional selection

    HR Profiler performs recruitment and selection of new staff in line with the requirements and conditions of the company – client. Candidates having relevant knowledge and experience, undergo professional psychological evaluation. The appropriate structure of personality, cognitive capacities as well as competencies that are necessary to work on a potential workplace are being identified during the evaluation process. In addition to the selection of new staff, selection is made of the existing staff as well, with the aim of identifying talented, critical individuals, with the goal of reorganizing human resources.

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    Profiling and assessment of staff

    Results of profiling are: finding more effective teams, detection of adequate leaders and managers, identification of creative and talented individuals, marking critical individuals (those who can not adequately respond to the demands of the workplace). Profiling is done by standardized and authorized psychological measuring instrument – personality tests, intelligence tests, situational tests, professional interview etc.

    Each individual receives his psychological profile and feedback on their capacities, all in accordance with respect for the individual’s discretionary rights (in private). Profiling does not imply categorization and discrediting of individuals, but an assessment of the personal capacities and affirmative counseling. As  teh result, the company (client) receives the scheme and force structure i.e. psychological capacity and capabilities of existing human resources, in accordance with the following rule: the right individual at the right place at the right time. Top management of the company (client) decides on the modalities of cooperation with the HR Profiler.

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    Organizational counseling – teams reorganization

    Profiling and assessment of staff enable reorganization of existing and creating of more effective teams, whereas based on requirements and work tasks. The teams are organized by incorporating compatible personality structure with the manager, and with a manager who is an adequate leader among the assessed personality structures. HR Profiler creates drafts of efficient teams, distributes creative and capable individuals evenly, but those less efficient as well, in a manner that is most suitable for the company. The result of teams reorganization is the creation of efficient departments – teams and individuals that provide maximum efficiency with minimal loss of energy and material resources.

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    Training – education

    HR Profiler creates and implements various types of education and training. The lecturers are experienced professionals from the fields of psychology and related sciences. Education and training are created on the basis of a pregiven company (client) requirement or are created subsequent to engagement HR Proflier. In addition to the structure of personality, assessment and profiling also determine critical points in the business, in terms of human resources. By identification of critical points, training or educational program is created, which should minimize the problems or improve the functioning in human resources.

    Our offer consists of the following training’s:

    • Time management
    • Conflict management
    • Problem solving and decision making
    • Improvement of business communication
    • Assertive communication
    • Active listening
    • Communication and public speaking
    • Negotiation skills
    • Presentation skills
    • Motivational skills
    • Teamwork and collaboration
    • Nonverbal communication
    • Professional behavior- etiquette
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    Professional lectures and workshops

    HR Profiler creates and conducts professional lectures and workshops with speakers and hosts who are experts in the field of psychology and related sciences. The company (client) at its own request, may suggest a topic, and on the other hand, by staff profiling through interviews and psychological assessment may identify uncertainties and issues for which a larger number of individuals are interested in.

  6. 6
    Indentification of personnel’s competencies – assessment of potential and operational effectiveness

    Based on the applied tests and detailed interviews HR Profiler reveals the personnel’s competencies of staff and contributes to talent – management. Competencies of personnel are basis for detection of the most effective individuals, especially of those that need to be invested in development, educational and budgetary terms. By discovering competent, as well as talented individuals, the company achieves savings through the development of its own staff. On the other hand, talented creative individuals get a chance to further improve and develop their own careers.

  7. 7
    Creation of motivation techniques – motivational activities

    With its presence in the company, HR Profiler detects points of (dis)satisfaction of employees, which are large (de)motivators in work engagement. New ways of motivating, in accordance with the needs of employees, are created for proposal by highlighting these key moments. This fine psychological detection reveals not only the need for material stimulation, but also for other, non-material ways of motivating.

  8. 8
    Job description and analysis – job systematization

    With its presence in the company, by application of profiling and interviews, as well as by interviews and questionnaires application, HR Profiler obtains a multitude of information for description and analysis of work positions. This database allows the restructuring and reorganization of work positions. The result of this process is an insight into the basic processes in the work position, but  insight into the problems and prospects of the work position as well. Together with the company’s management, better and more comprehensive job analysis can be prepared, with the possibilities of correction at any time. The result of a good job analysis  is subsequent job systematization, which is often a problem in many companies.

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    Organizational, affirmative counseling – coaching

    HR Profiler conducts couching as well, i.e. affirmative counseling of top managers and other company leaders. Top managers are often people who perform their tasks under pressure, and burdened with their personal, private issues at the same time. Balanced stress and time management are the basic requirements of efficient work of each manager. Professionals, psychologists and psychotherapists conduct counseling and couching in an affirmative manner. The aim of couching is personal balance in the functioning of an individual. Affirmative counseling can be carried out individually or in groups, through workshops.

  10. 10
    Creation of team building activities

    By examining the structure of the company’s human resources, HR Profiler provides creative and innovative solution suggestions for team-building activities. The goal of development of team-building is creation of coherent interpersonal relations, as well as creation of team spirit. Informal situations allow substantial conclusions about individuals, and introduction of situational test provides a better insight into interpersonal relations. The ultimate goal of team-building activities is to better communication between employees.